Monday, February 25, 2013

78-08 (130218 to 130224)
Sunday February 24 was a very good day for the Sister missionaries and the München 3rd Ward because a Sister they have been teaching was baptized. The Sister is a Geology student and was in Utah for a sort visit. She went to the temple grounds and was so impressed that she came back to Germany and wanted to be baptized. She was baptized today. After the baptism the members brought treats and they all were very good.
In the evening Sister Mason helped a YSA prepare the meal for this evening. As we started there weren't many at the table but they kept coming and we had 15 that ate with us and 2 more came later making 17 JAE's taking part in the evening activities Two were not members. A couple of the Spanish speaking young women came and took part for a couple of hours and that was great. The first ward’s bishop speaks Spanish and they have a number of Deutch/Spanish speaking families in their ward and one of the elders in that ward is Spanish speaking. He is from Uruguay. After the dinner some of the JAE’s played and hung out until nearly eleven. 
Near the summit. The trail we hiked up was the trail that we sledded down. The scenery was beautiful from the snows this last week. No – the snow isn’t this deep in Münchin. 
It was a real hike to get to summit. The walk was not too bad and it was not as cold as we expected so it was a good hike. We did not actually go to the top of the hill but very close at the top or in the summit where is a little shack where we had a good lunch. We ate lunch in the shack. We had to take off our shoes to go into the restaurant. The food that we were served was very good and we enjoyed the meal. We rented a sleigh for 8 each and started down the hill. It took us 3-4 hours to get to the top and about 1 hour to get to the bottom. The first part of the sleigh run was fast and the second half not so fast. Sister Mason took a good tumble in the first 200 yards and then slid well the rest of the way. Elder Mason’s sleigh wanted to turn right all of the time so he could not go as fast as he wanted to go. When we got to the bottom our YSA leader informed us that we only had 15 minutes to get to the bus. We did not think we could make it to the bus stop in time but the bus was a bit late and we all got to the bus before it left. 
It was Saturday evening and when we visited this church building. We actually sat through part of the Saturday evening mass.
Now back to the center
Monday night we had 7 for family home evening tonight. I gave the lesson on the fruits of the gospel and particularly focused on temperance which I like to do. We applied for our drivers licenses and they took our New Mexico licenses. We now have our papers that we have German drivers licenses and our real licenses will come in a few week. Sister Mason had her license renewed just before we came to Germany so she could not prove that she has been driving for more than two years. Consequently she could only get a temporary license. We got her driving record that we had sent to the mission office and gave it to the motor vehicle division so Sister Mason can now have the regular driver’s license. We also picked up our Aufenthaltstitels which I think it is the equivalent to the USA social security card. Our card allows us to be missionaries but not to work and earn money in Germany.
Brother Mason met with Munchen Stake President, he called Elder Mason to be a high councilman. He will not have a ward assignment but will go to the different wards and find ways to strengthen their young single adults. Sister Mason has yet to get a calling in the ward but one is coming.
Sister Mason used some of Elder Mason’s foot fungus cream and spray. During the day her foot started to itch even more and when she took her shoe off exactly where she had sprayed her foot and put the cream on was all read, swelling and a blister had formed between her toes were she had put the cream. She, obviously, cannot use Elder Mason’s foot cream for her feet. Elder Mason got both the spray and the cream form the Apotheke and it works well for him but not for Sister Mason.
Again the 19 number is magic, we had 19 attend institute on Wednesday. Sister Mason made American chili and about 14 JAEs ate. I believe they liked because they ate it all.


  1. The hike sounds wonderful and the picture of you two in front of all the snow is just beautiful. It sounds like a great week!

  2. Jared just shared your blog address on Facebook, so I've been looking through a few of the posts. It looks like you guys have a lot more snow than we do in Los Alamos. :)